Award-Winning Bridging Finance

Lowry Capital is a principal lender of bridging finance, lending on residential investment, semi-commercial and commercial property throughout England Scotland and Wales.

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Bridging Finance Loans from £25,001 to £2million

Lowry Capital is a bespoke lender of bridging finance for businesses and property investors. As a principal lender, we lend our own money and make our own lending decisions. Our bridging finance fund is most often used for:

  • The purchase or refinance of residential, semi-commercial and commercial properties
  • Properties in need of heavy refurbishment
    (finance available in stages if required)
  • The purchase of auction properties
  • Projects that require funding in stages
  • The completion of development projects
  • The conversion of commercial properties into residential
  • Time critical transactions
    (property, business funding, tax liabilities etc.)
  • Secured business funding
    (business investment, cashflow, growth funding etc.)

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Here is a small selection of our most recent case studies. To see our funding in action across a wider variety of projects and properties, please visit our full case study area here:  View All Case Studies

Up to £2million available within days of application

Lowry Capital
at a Glance

  • Funds available within days of application
    (typically 5-7 working days)
  • Multi-award winning service
  • We lend throughout England, Scotland & Wales
    (no postcode restrictions)
  • Deal directly with a decision maker every time
    (no layers of underwriting)
  • Lucrative commission and rewards programme for Introducers
  • We lend to individuals and limited companies
  • Flexible funding lines available
    (can be drawn down and repaid many times within the loan term)

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Funding For Property Developers

We fund residential and commercial property
developments, conversions and renovations throughout the UK.

  • Development funding of up to £2million within a few days.
  • Hands off lending approach: You choose and manage the professionals and contractors for your development.
  • We provide flexible, bespoke funding, tailored to fit your schedule of works.
  • Funds can be drawn down in multiple tranches and you will only pay for the money actually drawn, keeping finance costs to a minimum.

We lend throughout England, Scotland and Wales

Bridging Finance
for Property

Lowry Capital specialises in the funding of auction and time sensitive property purchases. By giving our clients direct access to a decision maker and a streamlined lending process, we can ensure funds are made available to meet extremely tight deadlines, enabling investors to take advantage of buying opportunities.

Interested in learning more? View our Product Summary:

Bridging Finance for Heavy Refurbishments

Lowry Capital lends on properties that require major renovation and refurbishment, as long as the structure is sound. Lowry Capital also lends on properties which are uninhabitable (e.g. no kitchen or bathroom) or even in shell condition. Our heavy refurbishment funding (which is available in stages if required) is ideal to get a property into a habitable condition (ready for a buy to let re-mortgage) or to maximise your profits when you put it on the market.

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